English Language Requirements for undergraduate applicants

Depending on your nationality 和 where you have studied previously, we may ask you to provide a recognised English language qualification.

For majority of our undergraduate 课程s you must meet our standard English language requirements, but there are a few 课程s which have different requirements.

的要求 医学和外科手术 vary significantly from our standard requirements 和 you can find 更多的细节 在这一页上.

766全讯白菜网的一些 科学, 数学社会工作 课程也有不同的英语语言要求. The English language requirements for these can be found on the entry requirements tab in the 课程信息.


There are several ways that you can provide evidence of your English language ability, 详情如下.



Applicants who are applying for the above 课程 will need to provide their 雅思考试 or Pearson certificate when they apply as part of their UCAS application.

如果你在英国以外申请, or 如果英语不是你的第一语言, you must demonstrate proficiency in English through one of the following recognised English Language qualifications:

  • 学术类雅思成绩不低于7分.总分0分,最低7分.0在测试的每个元素中,或
  • Pearson PTE Academic with at least 7总分0分,最低7分0在测试的每个元素中

雅思考试 和 Pearson certificates are valid for 2 years from the test date 和 your certificate will need to be valid on the start date of your studies at 766全讯白菜网. If you have taken a test multiple times, we cannot combine scores together to meet the requirements.

We do not accept the following as evidence of English language proficiency:

  • 会前英语语言课程
  • 普通中等教育证书考试英语
  • IB英语
  • 其他高中英语资格证书


If your English language score does not meet our requirements, we may be able to consider you for one of our 会前英语语言课程. You will need to check the English language requirements for your academic 课程 to see which of our pre-sessional programmes you may be eligible to study.

We offer two pre-sessional 课程s for undergraduate applicants:

4周学术英语(EAP) -入学2022

Available for all 课程s with the exception of BA Hons 社会工作 和 our medicine 课程s.

英语语言要求 EAP英语要求
雅思要求6分.5整体(5.5在每个元素的测试) 雅思成绩不低于6分.0整体(5.5在每个元素的测试)
雅思要求6分.5整体(6.在测试的每个元素中为0) 雅思成绩不低于6分.0整体(6.在测试的每个元素中为0)
雅思要求6分.0整体(5.5在每个元素的测试) 雅思成绩不低于5分.5整体(5.5在每个元素的测试)

如果你正在申请2022年入学, you will need to meet the academic requirements of your offer by 15 July 2022 to be considered for the EAP programme.

10周PELP - 2022进入

Available for all 课程s with of the exception of BA Hons 社会工作, our medicine 课程s 和 applicants from our 2+2 partnerships.

  • UKVI学术类雅思考试,5分.总共5个,至少5个.0在测试的每个元素中

If you fail the academic requirements of your offer before the start of the PELP programme, 你将不能参加PELP课程.

如果你还在等待你的学业成绩, you need to be confident that you are on track to meet the academic requirements before you start the PELP programme. If you fail to meet the academic requirements after starting the PELP programme you will not be able to progress to your academic 课程.

找到更多关于766全讯白菜网的信息 会前英语语言课程.


If you need to contact us, then you can email our Admissions Office at ugadmissions@bookflightstonewyork.com 或致电+44 (0)1524 592028.